How To Start An MLM Business Part 3
An accurate profile of a successful multilevel marketing company owner is complicated to draw, but contrary to popular belief, these successful entrepreneurs are not superhuman.

For the most part, they’re ordinary people who can get along with most other people, have a high level of self-confidence, are willing to take risks, and can make good decisions. A little luck doesn’t hurt either, but oddly enough, most entrepreneurs say the better they prepare and plan and the harder they work, the “luckier” they get.

Are you the person who can get a multilevel marketing company started and make it go? To answer that question, take a good, honest look at yourself.


The following self-evaluation is one place to start. Under each question, check the answer closest to how you feel. This checklist is designed for you to take a private self-evaluation of your characteristics to see if you have a better-than-average chance of success as a multilevel marketing entrepreneur.

The material may touch on some personal areas, but please be honest. Take your time and be careful to avoid self-deception.


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